Kensei Iaido Taikai

open international iaido tournament



Kensei Iaido Taikai is being held since establishment of Kensei Dojo in 2009. Organized first in 2010, this tournament with international participation and notable teachers is striving to educate all interesed iaidoka and improve quality of iaido in Europe.


June 7th – June 9th, 2024

Registration till May 29th, 2024

Payments till May 31st, 2024

Location: Basic school „Modrá škola“
Kupeckého 576/17, 149 00 Praha 11


Challenge Trophy

Team competition is the most prestigious category in the tournament. At Kensei Iaido Taikai, the victory is augmented by beautiful challenge trophy, which is held for one year by victorious team. It is a replica of japanese kabuto helmet, that belonged to Oda Nobunaga, one of the three unifiers of Japan.

About the tournament


  • mudan (up to 1st kyu)
  • 1st dan
  • 2nd dan
  • 3rd dan
  • 4th dan
  • 5th dan

Teams: 3-member teams without limit for teams per dojo

Organizer has a right to cancel or merge categories in case there will be three or less registered contestants in the category.


Each match is arbitrated by three referees with grade higher than given category, minimum is 5th dan.


  • Competition follows rules of l ZKNR Seitei iai.
  • Only iaito or nihonto is allowed for use.
  • Sword must have kurigata and it must be secured by mekugi.
  • Sword with tsuka made of plastic is not allowed.

Tournament system


  • Participants are divided into pools within given category
  • First two from each pool will proceed to KO system.
  • Order within pool is given by number of vicories. In case of same amount of victories, number of flags is taken into account. If that cannot decide the order, there will be one more match in pool for deciding the order.
  • There will be two 3rd place positions (there will be no match for third place).
  • All referees must be at least one grade above the category they are arbitrating and must be at least 5th dan.


  • Teams have 3 members (plus one alternate if required). There are no pools, all teams are drawn directly into KO system. All team members must be from the same dojo (same organizational unit).


Updated program details comming soon.

Friday (June 7th, 2024)

  • 19:00 – 21:00 Welcome keiko

Saturday (June 8th, 2024)

  • 9:30 – 18:00 Kensei Taikai (end time is estimated and can change)

Sunday (June 9th, 2024)

  • 10:00 – 13:00 Seminar
  • 14:00 Exams

Teachers & Referee list

Tomáš Kyncl

iaido, renshi, 6th dan
(Muso Shinden ryu)
kendo, 5th dan
Czech Republic

Marián Bartko

Marián Bartko

iaido, 6th dan
(Tamiya Ryu)
jodo, 5th dan

Magdalena Bidzinska

Magdalena Bidzinska

iaido, 6th dan
(Muso Shinden ryu)
kendo, 4th dan

Leonid Karavaev

Leonid Karavaev

iaido, 6th dan
(Muso Shinden ryu)
kendo, 3rd dan


ZŠ Modrá škola
Kupeckého 576/17
149 00 Praha-Praha 11
Czech Republic

Enrance to the gym is 200 m walking distance from underground „C line“ (red) terminal Station „Háje“.

Bus stop: Modrá škola

Parking is possible around the school but it is easier to park at the hotel and travel to the venue by public transport.

Price and fees

Tournament fee and exam entry fee needs to be paid till May 31st, 2024.

International participants could choose if to pay via bank account upfront or in cash EUR or CZK on site.

  • Bank: Raiffeisenbank a.s., Hvězdova 1716/2b, 14078 Praha 4, Czech Republic
  • Recipient: o.s. KENSEI, Herkova 815/13, 14900 Praha 4 – Háje, Czech Republic
Czech participants pay via bank account:
  • Account Number: 5235494001/5500
Bank account for International payments (if you choose via transfer):
  • IBAN: CZ3955000000005235494001

Tournament fees:

  • Individuals + keiko 44 EUR (1 100 CZK) – Please, in the payment add note for recipient: „surname, Kensei Iaido Taikai 2024“
  • Team 24 EUR (600 CZK) – Please, in the payment add note for recipient: „dojo name – teams, Kensei Iaido Taikai 2024“

Exam Fees

Please, use the same bank account as for the tournament fees, i.e. on account of Kensei dojo (o.s. KENSEI).

Payment is made for the full amount. In case of exam failure, ČFK registration fee will be returned to the applicant.

graderegistration [ČFK / EKF]application [recommended price for club]Totalnote
5th kyu6 EUR (150 CZK)4 EUR (100 CZK)10 EUR (250 CZK)ČFK rules
4th kyu8 EUR (200 CZK)6 EUR (150 CZK)14 EUR (350 CZK)ČFK rules
3rd kyu8 EUR (200 CZK)6 EUR (150 CZK)14 EUR (350 CZK)ČFK rules
2nd kyu10 EUR (250 CZK)8 EUR (200 CZK)18 EUR (450 CZK)ČFK rules
1st kyu12 EUR (300 CZK)8 EUR (200 CZK)20 EUR (500 CZK)ČFK rules
1st dan20 EUR (500 CZK)16 EUR (400 CZK)36 EUR (900 CZK)EKF rules
2nd dan30 EUR (750 CZK)20 EUR (500 CZK)50 EUR (1 250 CZK)EKF rules
3rd dan50 EUR (1 250 CZK)32 EUR (800 CZK)82 EUR (2 050 CZK)EKF rules

Food tips

Groceries shopping


Sayonara party

For sayonara party we will select restaurant based on number of registrations.

Usual place is Jihoměstský pivovar (brewery)

Kensei Iaido Taikai

Since 2010 Kensei Iaido Taikai is a competition with international participation and notable teachers organized in the Czech Republic.

June 7th – 9th, 2024

Start summer season with us on prestigious iaido tournament in Prague.


Tomáš Kyncl
Phone: +420 725 527 812
E-mail: tomas.kyncl(at)

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